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justin laboy.jpg

Justin Laboy

LS you the GOAT my brother! It was great working with you on the #RespectfullyJustinShow for ReVolt TV. You and the students helped me step my game up. LETS GO!

pretty vee.jpg

Pretty Vee

"Shoutout to Louis. Big bro, keep challenging our minds. I respect your process to get me comfortable, being uncomfortable! I can't wait to use what I learned on set in Miami"

Christopher B. Duncan.jpg

Christopher B. Duncan

"One fantastic quality in a teacher is listening, and Louis Stancil possesses that trait."


Meek Mill

"I'm glad Louis was on set as the acting coach for Charm City Kings!"

RonReaco Lee.jpg

RonReaco Lee

"It's important to get out, study and get yourself around a good collective group of people, of artists and feed one another. You can do exactly that at LS Studios."

Keith Robinson.jpg

Keith Robinson

“You perform best when you’re in your skin and you realize that you’re enough. It’s important to always be training, stay in classes and be fluent & active.”

jordan calloway.jpg

Jordan Calloway

"Seeing Louis cultivate the gifts of artists was amazing! May God's favor continue to shine on his studio."

Rodney Perry

Rodney Perry

"Louis Stancil is my “go to guy” for all things acting and industry. I’m honored to call Louis a business partner and a friend."

Angel Manuel Soto.jpg

Angel Manuel Soto

"Louis was dope! Great addition to set as acting coach! Got the actors right on Charm City Kings. Love to work with him again."

Mekai Curtis.jpg

Mekai Curtis

"Louis is so dope at what he does. Everything from career consultations, character development, scene studies, on screen audition tips, everything.  He makes it all fun and he covers you, makes sure you're good."

Jelani & Jahi Winston.jpg

Jelani and Jahi Winston

"Louis is a wonderful teacher. He brings warm energy to his coaching sessions coupled with strong advice, insights and encouragement. Success in your craft is inevitable when you're working with him."

Clarence Hammond.jpg

Clarence Hammond

"Louis was a Godsend on our film. He flew in to set to guide several of our first-time actors. Knowing we had Louis in our arsenal gave us one less thing to worry about. He is an eternal optimist & creates an environment conducive to creation."

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